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Knockbreda Nursery School- The Best Kept School in Northern Ireland 2019

Thank you to all of our pupils, parents and staff for their continued support of our school’s commitment to outdoor learning and the importance of the environmental curriculum.

Knockbreda Nursery School is delighted to have been selected as the Best Kept School Winner for the 2019 Pre Primary South Eastern Region, the winner of the Welcome Award 2019 and also the Overall Best Kept School 2019 Winner, Best of the Best!


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Reco Box!

Our new Reco Box eco classroom has been installed and we think it is wonderful! Thanks to all of our families and friends for helping with our fundraising efforts!

Details of our formal opening will follow soon….

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Knockbreda Nursery School is awarded the Green Flag!

Thanks to the hard work of the children, their families and the school staff, Knockbreda Nursery School has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Eco Award. This is in recognition of all the environmental work undertaken at Knockbreda Nursery School.

Green Flag Award KNS May 2019 (2).jpg

Well done everyone- what a great achievement!

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Eco Classroom

Knockbreda Nursery children, staff and parents are delighted that the groundwork has begun in preparation for the installation of our new Reco Box eco classroom….we hope to make full use of our new classroom throughout our summer term at Nursery.

Sincere thanks to Awards for All, Co-Op and to all of our families and friends who have helped to support our school’s fundraising efforts in order to raise enough funds to install our new eco classroom!

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Recycle Rat

Knockbreda Nursery School was visited today by the Recycle Rat from Belfast City Council. The children now know which bin to put their litter in; blue, brown and black!

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Eco Meeting

Our Eco Team met today to discuss progress towards our action plan and to update our Big Bird Watch survey, following the success of our bird cakes.   This week, Knockbreda Nursery School has also been supporting Waste Week and learning about the negative impact of plastic on our environment.  Pupils, staff and parents are all looking forward to the installation of our eco classroom ‘The Reco Box’ in Term 3 and the further learning opportunities this will present during our Forest School play sessions.  What a lot of eco learning is taking place, here at Knockbreda Nursery School!

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Eco News

There was exciting news at today’s Eco Meeting!

IMG_7208 (2).jpg

As a school we are committed to outdoor play and the value of the Forest School approach. In order to further enhance these opportunities, Knockbreda Nursery School made an application to the lottery funded Awards for All grant scheme to apply for an eco classroom. The school is delighted that we were successful in our application and it is anticipated that our eco classroom will be installed in our Forest School in time for Term 3!

The eco classroom will allow the children a sheltered and designated learning area for activities, table tasks and snack-time, with full lighting and heating installed. The eco classroom will also include an eco toilet and hand washing facilities. The classroom has the option of video camera installation to allow the children to watch and observe the local wildlife first hard via the classroom’s bird box camera. The lottery grant award is £10, 000 and this will cover the basic classroom cost and fit.

 The Eco Committee originally suggested the idea of a ‘shelter’ for Forest School at our first meeting in October…how exciting that this idea can now become a reality!


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Big Garden Bird Watch

Big Garden Bird Watch 2019


The Nursery children loved taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch during their Forest School sessions.  The children were keen to use the binoculars to look for different types of birds, to identify the species and to count the total of them!  The children even made some bird cake for the birds, to help care for them during these cold Winter months.

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Eco Meeting

The children from the Green Apples’ class met to discuss progress towards our Eco Action Plan and to talk about our plans for taking part in The Big Garden Bird Watch.  The children are very keen to make sure that we are looking after the birds in our garden so we will be making bird cake in our cookery sessions next week.

Sincere thanks to the parents who also attended our meeting.

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Campfire burning

Thank you to Carl for helping to organise our first campfire session!  The Nursery children enjoyed singing songs around the campfire during this week’s Forest School session.

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Community Eco Activity Days 2018

Thank you to all our parents and friends who assisted with our Community Eco Activity Days!  What a busy few days we have had collecting litter from around the Knockbreda campus and planting in our Forest School garden!  Together, we collected 16.65kg of rubbish from the campus site!

Thanks to those parents who were able to help and to contribute resources for our planting activities, it was much appreciated indeed!  Thanks also to the pupil eco committees and staff from Knockbreda Primary School and St Bernard’s Primary School for your support.  What great eco role-models you were for the Nursery children!

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Eco Meeting

Thank you to our children, parents and Chairman for attending our Eco Meeting today. 

The children have agreed an Eco-Code song for our Nursery and we have all agreed our actions for the year ahead.  

This year, we will be working on ensuring our school site is litter free, that we are composting our garden waste, turning off the taps to save water, visiting the Forest School once a week (whatever the weather) and looking after the birds in our woodland garden.

What a fun and busy year we have ahead!

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