Helpful Parenting Resources

We have provided some links to parenting guides and resources below that we hope you will find helpful.  

These links are provided for your convenience. They are not part of our website and their inclusion does not signify that we endorse them. We have no responsibility for the content of the linked websites. 

Encouraging better behaviour

The NSPCC provides useful advice encouraging better behaviour and a practical guide to positive parenting

Head lice

The NHS choices website provides some useful advice and guidance about stopping and treating head lice.

Healthy eating for children

Guides about healthy food and eating for children of all ages can be found on the NHS choices website.

Childhood Health

Access useful guides about childhood health at each stage of your child's development.

Children and car seats

Some useful information about the law and correct operation of child car seats can be found in the NI direct website.

Sun safety

Practical guidance on keeping your children safe in the sun can be found on the NI Direct website, Care in the sun public health agency website and at the Cancer Focus NI website.

Prejudice and discrimination

Barnardo's Northern Ireland and Save the Children have produced a Fairplay guide to increase understanding of prejudice and discrimination and to provide advice and guidance. Also Barnardo's have a Parenting Matters website which provides general support and guidance for parents.