Special needs and inclusion

We recognise that integrating children with special needs into mainstream education not only benefits those who have special educational needs but also the other children who help and support and thus learn tolerance and acceptance.  Where a child’s needs are such that an inordinate amount of adult supervision or help is required, the Education Authority will provide a Statement of Educational Need and if deemed necessary, they will provide additional adult support.

Regardless of the type or severity of the needs, we place much emphasis on integrating all children as fully as possible into the whole group so that children with special needs are offered the full nursery curriculum, which may be structured or modified to suit their particular needs. Where it is deemed to be necessary or appropriate, a child may be encouraged towards certain areas of the curriculum in order to address a specific developmental concern.

At all times the staff will liaise and co-operate with any other professionals who may be involved with the child. We feel strongly that a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary to address special educational needs effectively.  We work in partnership with parents to best meet the needs of each child in our care and it may be that for some children, an extended 'Settling In' period is beneficial.