Eco Meeting

As part of today’s eco meeting, our Eco Committee viewed the site for the new Reco Box eco classroom. The children (and staff!) are so looking forward to having our new outdoor classroom and the enhancements this will bring to our weekly Forest School sessions.

Posted on April 12, 2019 .

Eco Classroom

Knockbreda Nursery children, staff and parents are delighted that the groundwork has begun in preparation for the installation of our new Reco Box eco classroom….we hope to make full use of our new classroom throughout our summer term at Nursery.

Sincere thanks to Awards for All, Co-Op and to all of our families and friends who have helped to support our school’s fundraising efforts in order to raise enough funds to install our new eco classroom!

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Shared Education Event

Today, the Nursery children enjoyed a shared story session with the children from St Bernard’s Pre School. The children joined together in small groups to enjoy story sack stories, songs and games.

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Shared Education Circle Time Event

The children at Knockbreda Nursery School and St Bernard’s Pre-School enjoyed a shared Circle Time focusing on growing plants and healthy eating. The children planted cress, carrots, tasted a variety of fruits and even enjoyed a fruit smoothie! The children were delighted to enjoy a shared play session both indoors and outdoors and many new friendships were formed!

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Shared Education Play Provision

Shared Education Update


As part of our Shared Education project, each school involved in the project has benefitted from a small amount of money to spend on literacy resources.  To further promote talking and listening through outdoor play, Nursery chose to spend this money on a shop for the playground.  Staff have created a new Famers’ Market shop pod, which the children can visit as part of their role-play scenarios.  This new play pod has been a welcome addition to the range of provision available on the playground and further embeds the staff’s vision of creating a ‘mini town’ through the role-play provision available on our playground.













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Recycle Rat

Knockbreda Nursery School was visited today by the Recycle Rat from Belfast City Council. The children now know which bin to put their litter in; blue, brown and black!

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Comic Relief 2019

Thank you to all our parents and carers for supporting Comic Relief! The children enjoyed having their noses painted and wearing their boppers and glasses to school!

Posted on March 15, 2019 .

Shared Education Event

The children from Knockbreda Nursery School met with their Shared Education partnership friends to enjoy a performance from Mr Hullabaloo.  His animal themed story was the perfect topic starter for our work on animals from around the world, in advance of P1’s shared trip to Belfast Zoo!

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Eco Meeting

Our Eco Team met today to discuss progress towards our action plan and to update our Big Bird Watch survey, following the success of our bird cakes.   This week, Knockbreda Nursery School has also been supporting Waste Week and learning about the negative impact of plastic on our environment.  Pupils, staff and parents are all looking forward to the installation of our eco classroom ‘The Reco Box’ in Term 3 and the further learning opportunities this will present during our Forest School play sessions.  What a lot of eco learning is taking place, here at Knockbreda Nursery School!

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World Book Day

Thank you to the many parents and family members who joined us to ‘share a story’ on World Book Day! What an exciting morning at Nursery!

Posted on March 8, 2019 .

Yoga at Knockbreda Nursery School

The children at Knockbreda Nursery School enjoyed a yoga session with Susan from The Yoga Quarter today.  The session focused on our senses and we all felt most relaxed after our Yoga workshop!  Thank you Susan!

Posted on March 1, 2019 .

Eco News

There was exciting news at today’s Eco Meeting!

IMG_7208 (2).jpg

As a school we are committed to outdoor play and the value of the Forest School approach. In order to further enhance these opportunities, Knockbreda Nursery School made an application to the lottery funded Awards for All grant scheme to apply for an eco classroom. The school is delighted that we were successful in our application and it is anticipated that our eco classroom will be installed in our Forest School in time for Term 3!

The eco classroom will allow the children a sheltered and designated learning area for activities, table tasks and snack-time, with full lighting and heating installed. The eco classroom will also include an eco toilet and hand washing facilities. The classroom has the option of video camera installation to allow the children to watch and observe the local wildlife first hard via the classroom’s bird box camera. The lottery grant award is £10, 000 and this will cover the basic classroom cost and fit.

 The Eco Committee originally suggested the idea of a ‘shelter’ for Forest School at our first meeting in October…how exciting that this idea can now become a reality!


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Rhyme Time

Thank you to the librarians from Cregagh Library who delivered Rhyme Time today to the children at Knockbreda Nursery School.  We all enjoyed the many songs and rhymes!

Posted on February 13, 2019 .

Shared Education- Shared Circle Time

The children in the Red Apples enjoyed shared Circle Time with our friends at St Bernard’s Preschool as part of our Shared Education Partnership.  The children all took part in a Circle Time session about keeping fit and the importance of exercise, after which they enjoyed shared play together. 

What a great day we all had!  The Green Apples are looking forward to their turn to take part in shared Circle Time with St Bernard’s Preschool next month!

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Big Garden Bird Watch

Big Garden Bird Watch 2019


The Nursery children loved taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch during their Forest School sessions.  The children were keen to use the binoculars to look for different types of birds, to identify the species and to count the total of them!  The children even made some bird cake for the birds, to help care for them during these cold Winter months.

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Eco Meeting

The children from the Green Apples’ class met to discuss progress towards our Eco Action Plan and to talk about our plans for taking part in The Big Garden Bird Watch.  The children are very keen to make sure that we are looking after the birds in our garden so we will be making bird cake in our cookery sessions next week.

Sincere thanks to the parents who also attended our meeting.

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Final School Tour for new applicants 2019 entry

We have received a number of requests from parents keen to view our school having been unable to attend our previous open days or school tour. 

In order to facilitate parents in this position, there will be a final opportunity to visit Knockbreda Nursery and join a short tour of the school on Thursday 24th January from 1.30-2.00pm.  Please note that this tour is for parents/ carers only; children should not attend.

It would be appreciated if any new parents who plan to attend could contact the School Office on 02890 401567 to let us know.

Posted on January 22, 2019 .